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Illuminate Your Spiritual or Astrology Brand in the Digital Universe!

In times of Pluto in techie Aquarius, you know that your Website and authentic Branding are your most important business assets. Everyone goes to your website for credibility after we’ve heard you somewhere else.

Is your Spiritual Business hiding?

I’m here to help bring your spiritual practice into the Digital Limelight!

Welcome to my Astro-Digital World! I am Mayra Medina but people call me “May” as in the month of May. Thanks for being here!

I’m an Astrologer and Digital Designer. Lately, my astrology peers call me their Creative Advisor, as I help them shine bright in the online world, by unveiling their brands and stellar offerings with beauty and care, in a structured and organized way. 

I’m the creator of where I combine Astrology with Branding, Website Design and Online Business Strategies. I’m also a Translator and Copywriter.

“Design is how you make your first impression with your consumers. Make sure it is a lasting one."


Overcoming Digital Obstacles

I’ve seen my Astrology teachers and peers facing similar challenges in this fascinating Digital Era. I started helping them a few years ago with practical solutions. More have reached out for help with similar issues.

It was by looking at these patterns that I crafted this Web Page dedicated to helping Astrologers up their game and go from hidden, to complete visibility through branding strategies and effective website design!

In a world where the Universe is accessible with a simple click, it’s crucial for Astrologers to have an online presence that shines as brightly as the celestial bodies they interpret.

Whether you are a veteran in astrology or just embarking on your astro-business path, having an engaging branded website is vital to connect with clients, disseminate your wisdom, and offer your astrological expertise in a unique and meaningful way!

Astrology has enriched my life immensely, and I am compelled to reciprocate by using my technological, communication and design skills to help Astrologers shine bright in the Digital Universe!

Navigating these challenges requires a combination of strategic planning, consistent effort, and indeed… TIME!
I’m here to help!

The most common challenges are:

Just to mention a few.

Navigating these challenges requires a combination of strategic planning, consistent effort, and indeed… TIME!
I’m here to help!

You don't have to do it alone!

My superpower lies in my ability to simplify complexities and craft beautifully organized digital landscapes.

Let me handle the visual magic, from meticulously web redesign, mesmerizing promo visuals to compelling content for your sales page, freeing you to focus on your astrological practice and of course, family.

“A brand is the promise of an experience.”

What is your promise to your clients?

How I can help

The biggest constraint appears to be… yes, you guessed it right, TIME!
Followed by creativity and techno-digital know-how.

I’ve crafted some practical solutions enabling you to focus on your celestial calling, without the stress of digital constraints.

Website redesign

Tailored specifically for the unique needs of Astrologers. The process consists of restructuring the existing webpages and design elements, adding (or removing) features, creating new content and pages (or sales pages) and improving the overall user experience.

Make it or break it!

Your website is your single most important communication and business development tool. It's your digital front store: the first place a prospective client or student will turn to learn more about you, your story, your offerings, your values and what makes you especial.


Specially crafted for the astrological community, designed to elevate your unique celestial message. Refreshing a brand consists of recreating the visual elements that will communicate your visual identiy. All rebranding strategies eventually involve your website.

Shine or hide forever!

Your brand determines the kind of leadership influence you’ll provide. It is crucial to stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. You rebrand in order to respond to external or internal issues. It requires good strategy with good creativity.

Digital Design

Designed for astrologers on-the-go, focusing on creating stunning, brand-aligned visuals and promotional materials for your readings, courses, books, PDFs and general offerings. Transform your digital footprint with visuals that are as powerful and insightful as your astrological teachings and readings!

The details make the design!

Great design is making your website, brand and offerings memorable and meaninful. It is the method of putting form and content together in a creative way. It's is how you show others how you work, the intermediary between information and understanding. Make it simple, but significant.


Illuminate the brilliance of your services, so you can focus on the stars! As an astrologer deeply attuned to the mysteries of the Universe, you might find yourself short on time or the right words to effectively convey your profound insights. My expertise lies in converting the intricate language of astrology into engaging content.

Your first sentence, the hook!

Copywriting is the tool that you will use to communicate your messages with credibility and professionalism. It includes the emotions that your audience experiences reading your blogs, website offerings and sales pages. It helps you connect with the right people and fosters trust in your brand.

Other Creative Astro-Goodies

Wherever you are in your astro-business journey, regardless of whether you are a veteran in astrology about to launch his next Astrology Program, Course or Masterclass, or just embarking on your astro-business path, I can help managing the behind-the-scenes digital tasks that will make your next astro-launching bright as the stars!

Just tell me what you need, I’ve got you covered!

“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that."


Let's simplify and create order!

My passion lies in simplifying and streamlining, bringing order and elegance to your digital world, illuminating your star-charted gifts in unique ways!

As an Astrologer, you may wonder what’s my zodiac sign or main archetype: I’m a Technological Essentialist with an Aquarius mini stellium, Taurus Rising and a strong Virgo Moon, which means I’m driven by, and find a deep sense of satisfaction in the pursuit of simplifying and creating beautiful order, yet in a disruptive way.

Let me know if I can help!

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